Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nevada Citizenship Awards

Some schools implement an annual Nevada Citizenship Awards Ceremony. Though all students in all fourth grade classes must master certain content (that which appears in the State Curricular Standards), some students achieve the award by successfully memorizing and completing the following:
  • Place all county names and county seats correctly on a map of Nevada;
  • Recite the names of all Nevada governors in order of office;
  • List all Nevada state symbols;
  • Sing the Nevada state song;
  • List the tribes of Native Peoples from Nevada's history and accurately place the territory of each on a map of the state;
  • Recite the preamble to the Nevada State Constitution; and,
  • Draw all major physical features on a map of the state.
The planner students receive at Heckethorn Elementary School lists the requirements for both the Nevada Citizenship and Great American Awards. See a sample below.
At an end-of-year ceremony, students and their families celebrate their accomplishments.
*Note: All files are in Word format for easy modification.

**Special thanks to Mr. Colin Haas and Mrs. Pearl Nagoshi for sharing this idea and their materials.

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